The currently-crowdfunding game 12 is Better Than 6 is a sketchy, Western, black-white-and-red, top-down shooter which has already been cleared on Greenlight to appear on Steam. But what the heck does the name 12 is Better Than 6 mean?

I bet your first guess is that it has to do with guns. It is a Western, after all. The dude probably wields two 6-shooters against his opponents’ wimpy single revolver, and despite all physical and aiming handicaps such a double arrangement would impose on a real person, blows them away every time. Right?

12 is Better Than 6

Nope. That’s not it at all.

Ok, smart guy. Just tell us.

Fine! Here’s what the developer says: 12 represents the number of people in a jury; 6 represents the number of people who carry a coffin. So it’s better to be judged by your peers and put to jail for killing a man than to be killed yourself.

Ok, that’s makes sense. I guess. Except for one thing: in the story, the main character has escaped from jail after being wrongfully accused and has now put himself in a highly deadly manhunt situation where everyone in the old west wants him dead. Seems to kind of go against his philosophy about jail over dying, don’t it? Yep, but allow me to flip it one more time and see if we can finally make sense of it.

12 is Better Than 6

According to the developer, “The main hero was wrongfully incarcerated, and he’s now trying to escape at all cost so that he can get his revenge.” So it sounds like he has one dude on his personal wanted list that he wants dead in revenge for crimes against him. So his end goal here is to kill his enemy, while possibly garnering enough evidence to prove his innocence of the previous accusations, and then finally giving himself up for this final murder to be judged by a jury of his peers rather than sit in a jail cell waiting to be hung, like what would have happened hadn’t he escaped from jail in the first place.

That makes sense! But you know what probably would really clear it all up for me and you? If we played it! You can get the pre-alpha demo for 12 is Better Than 6 on the Kickstarter project page.