We’ve been on a bit of a “quirky adventure game” kick over here at IndieRuckus, but I don’t see that as a problem. I’m not even much of an adventure game player, but I am a sucker for all things outside the proverbial box and also anything lacking contact with the proverbial wall. So when I saw a game featuring a primary school girl bent on bending the world to her will, I was there. Just have a read over the opening paragraph for MechaNika‘s Greenlight page.

I, Nika Allen, 7 years old, am sick to death of this world. My parents don’t care about me. My brother never takes any notice of me. At school I never get taught anything useful. There are loads of things that shouldn’t exist. It’s for these reasons that I’ve decided to destroy everything that isn’t cool. With MechaNika I will destroy and eliminate the things and the people that I don’t like. I’ll start at home. Then school. This city. The entire world. I’ll get rid of everything that’s boring and pointless, and this world will be better for it.
If it’s not cool, it will disappear. If you’re not cool, hide. MechaNika is here.

Did that or did that not sound like a seven year old’s version of the trailer for most controversial mass-murderer game of 2015, Hatred? I’m not sure if that was what the developers were going for specifically or not, but luckily the actual game is much more lighthearted and goofy than Nika’s “manifesto” might make it seem at first glance. I mean sure, she seems to be drinking from a flask and strolling past some particularly friendly prostitutes in the pics below, but look at that carefree smile.

What a sweetheart.

mechanika1mechanika4 mechanika3

Vote for it on Greenlight here to bring Nika’s chaos to Steam, and if you want it on your phone, it’s already available at the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.