Mr. Spy, as he’s referred to, is definitely a hunk of something, but it’s not muscle. Rather than the slick, slim and sly James Bond, he looks like Super Mario dressed as a door-to-door salesman from the 50’s. But despite his appearance, Mr. Spy seems to be every bit as capable as the legendary 007 while he collects information from Soviet Russia at the tail end of the Cold War in Nomera.

Nomera is an interesting entry to the Kickstarter crew. It’s retro, but not in this modern hybrid way of “look we’re using pixels, but they slide over each other like sticks of butter dipped in olive oil”. Not that I don’t love each and every one of these beautiful pixel masterpieces that gallop onto the scene every day, but Nomera is a more concerted effort to adhere to the design principles of the past. In this case, it’s PC games from the mid-90’s, which have a very unique style to them.

The developers have taken this retro mindset a few hundred steps further, and even coded half the game using machine code. If you don’t know what that means, it’s a bit like if you were going to build a house—but instead of planks of wood, bricks, linoleum and glass, you started with trees, clay, oil and sand—and were left to it. Why you ask? They say that it delivers a crisp gameplay experience and an iconic look that they were going for when “building Nomera from the perspective of a game developer in 1995″. I mean, imagine the astoundingly custom brickwork you could do with only a pile of clay and dye? There’d be no limits to your brick-tastic imagination!

Have a look for yourself:

With cunning AI and a wall of secrets to go up against, you’re gonna need all the bombs this explosives expert can get his hands on. You can find the Kickstarter for Nomera here.