If you’ve never heard of Armello, do not fret. I have prepared this brief lecture to be used in just such an emergency. Ahem.

Armello came to Kickstarter in April ’14 with an incredible video and the promise of a highly-polished and beautiful digital board game featuring heroic humanoid woodland creatures that put Disney’s Robin Hood to shame. They got over $300,000 dumped on them—over 50% more than their goal of 200 grand—and they set to work. In the short span between then and last January they delivered Armello onto Steam Early Access to wide acclaim.

The community grew and grew until just this month when the game was removed from being purchasable on Steam. How could such a catastrophe happen to a bright upcoming star of indie gaming like Armello? Because the devs planned it that way. They wanted a brief period of recess to separate the Early Access version from the full release, and have announced that version 1.0 will be coming to Steam and PS4 on September 1st for $19.99 USD! Now watch this and be amazed:

Then watch this and be further amazed:

And if you’re saying, “Ok cool, but where’s the effing gameplay” watch this:

So if you like complex board games like Settlers of Catan (yes, I know there are more complex games out there than SoC, but all I’m saying is we’re not talking Yahtzee here), put a big smiley face around September 1st on that stupid Garfield desk calendar your granny got you, because this one’s gonna be big.

Here’s their Steam page and official website.

  • Jackson Ingram

    This is so pretty, I’m going to cry.
    This is such a small detail, but I love that they gave their characters thick, realistic, animal necks. For some reason, a lot of anthropomorphic characters get twiggy little human necks that make their heads look huge.

  • Brian Hamby

    You know, looking back you’re right. Never thought about it before.