Greetings, and thank you for joining us for this very special episode of Kickstarter WTFs. I know you haven’t come here for a spot of tea, so let’s just pinch this intro off early and head straight into this week’s star WTF culprit:

Bathroom Simulator

Let me ask you this, dear reader: how often have you gotten the overwhelming urge to grab poop with your bare hands and fling it around your bathroom? Countless times, I’m sure! But what about the mess? The smell? And of course the psychiatric treatment forced upon you when your family discovers the obvious clues to your completely harmless recreational activities? Just takes all the fun out of carelessly tossing human waste around your living quarters, doesn’t it? But luckily for the human race, we now have Bathroom Simulator, the game that allows you to launch virtual turds around a sparkling clean bathroom until your heart’s content. But wait, there’s more: you can pee all over the walls! (isn’t the freedom of the indie gaming scene just grand?)

Seriously, there were a couple other videos I was going to include in the article, but there is no point now. They were decimated (defecated?) by this stinking monster of a WTF. Is this concept completely original? Nope and nope and probably other nopes. But it is probably the most extreme bathroom game so far, and hopefully will be for some time.