Hidden dangers? Heart-wrenching drama? Fabulous prizes? You can have all that and more in Sluggerfly’s latest 3-D Jump and Run, Ben and Ed.

Game shows and reality television are often criticized for being petty, emotionally manipulative, and generally cruel. That’s still the case in Rundead, an in-universe televised spectacle that’s rocking the dystopian world. Meet the show’s first (and only) competitor: Ed. Ed enjoys taking long walks on the beach, relaxing in the countryside, and indulging his sweet tooth.

Oh, and he’s a zombie. The first of his kind. Naturally, instead of worrying about an impending apocalypse, society decides to capitalize on their new discovery.


Sweet, simple Ed never planned a life among the beautiful and famous. Once a second-tier competitive candy eater, his time on this side of the curtain was tragically cut short by a heart attack during the prime of his life. I guess all of those sweets finally caught up to him. After rotting in a field for a few days, he awoke without friends, direction, or a pulse. Ed was undead.

Fortunately, Ed ran into Ben, a gloomy boy who never felt all that comfortable around the living, but seemed to do okay with the deceased. After an admittedly one-sided conversation, Ben got to enjoy the preteen Goth fantasy of befriending a corpse before falling victim to the bedazzled claws of capitalism. Now the hostage of Rundead Host Hans Showmaster, Ben becomes Ed’s sole motivation to duck, hop, and shamble through gruesome obstacle courses in front of a live studio audience.


Oh, but that’s nothing to moan about. I never said you had to make it through in one piece. Ed’s rotting zombie bod isn’t exactly that of an Olympian and it doesn’t hold up well against sawblades. If he loses a limb or two, it’s no skin off your bones. Shuffle onward. As Ed goes up against lasers, canons, and giant sharks, you’ll have to figure out how to keep him going without all of his body parts. Or any of them. If all else fails, Ed can throw his own head, gliding over obstacles and uncovering hidden areas. Just try to remember where you left the rest of yourself to pick back up later.

Don’t worry. Pain is just weakness leaving the body. And like 8 liters of blood. No biggie. You can support Ben and Ed by voting on its Steam Greenlight page. Trailer is below.

  • JoeVagian

    Really well written article! only one little mistake: it´s “Rundead”, not “Deadrun”.

  • Brian Hamby

    You know that makes a lot more sense. Fixed it.

  • Jackson Ingram

    Whoops. D: That’ll teach me to write past bedtime. Thanks! 🙂

  • JoeVagian

    Great news. Ben and Ed has been Greenlit after 9 days!!! Thanks again for the nice article.

  • Jackson Ingram

    Congratulations! 😀 You’re welcome and I wish you the best of luck!

  • Cameron Hales

    Is there anywhere I can download / play the game?

  • JoeVagian

    It will be released late november on steam.