Buncha lazy bastards over here, I’ll tell you what. Haven’t done a Best Kick article in 2 weeks and yet here you are, loyal reader, waiting patiently without even a down-turned brow or a disparaging word to say about our website. Wonderful. So as your reward, here are some equally wonderful games on Kickstarter from the last two weeks for you to go blow your allowance on.

Power Drive 2000

Although the tracks look mighty empty at this stage in development, the slick 90’s-futuristic style (is that a thing now?), and adrenaline coaxing drifts and boosts had me like, “Whoa”. (I know no one says that anymore. That’s why I say it.)

Starfall Tactics

I hope you like Slayer, because you’re gonna get an earful of speed metal with this one. But believe me when I say that it goes quite well alongside epic RTS space battles through asteroid belts. Of course it does.


Ok here we go. I’m going to have to come out as the grump once again who thinks that gamers get a little too tied up with nostalgia for their own good (and that’s coming from a guy who got an NES at age 5 during Christmas of ’89), but people are going cuckoo for this spiritual sequel to the N64 smash Banjo-Kazooie. So here ya go!


It’s a time-looping Shakespearean adventure game. You need to know more? Well, it’s set in the world of Hamlet, and your actions have consequences. Many, many consequences. Here’s your game, theatre nerds!

Apartment: A Separated Place

Are games art? I think I already talked about that a little too long before, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that it is possible to have a game with high-art attributes without sacrificing gameplay elements. Many of the attempts now incorporate traversing emotional landscapes rather than physical ones. So make sure you aren’t too sad before checking this one out.

Space Dust Racers

The developer says Space Dust Racers more embodies the gameplay of Smash Bros than Mario Kart, which may seem hard to see at first, but if you watch the whole video to this great-looking battle-racer, I think you’ll see where they’re coming from.

The Intergalactic Trashman

I may have mentioned this one last, but it very well might be my favorite of the last 2 weeks. Alien Hominid graphics mixed with Donkey Kong Country platforming, and killer tunes to boot.