There wasn’t the largest selection of killer Kickstarters this week, but I got together the best ones just for you, little lady. Oh, you don’t identify as a lady? My apologies; it’s hard for me to tell from here. I’ll try to say “dude” next time and misidentify another subsection of my audience.

Mystic Searches

I’m still not clear as to what this game is exactly. It’s part 8-bit, part modern 3D. Seems that it might actually be two games, one on physical NES cartridge, one for PC/MAC/WiiU… then some other doohickey connects the NES to your computer??? I don’t know. What can I say, I actually enjoy being confused. So cheers to you, Mystic Searches, you chimera of a Zelda hybrid weirdo.

Weekly Pick:Light Fall

Now here’s the business. I’m not going to say a lot because the video truly speaks for itself, but I can almost feel the controller in my hand, cutting through those smooth wall-jumping physics like butter.

Tokyo Dark

This one is Square-Enix Collective approved, which means the big S-E was impressed enough by the team to be interested in publishing and distributing the game upon completion. Oh, and if you’re into heavily branching plots/endings, this detective game has you covered on that.

Starfighter Inc.

Not a lot of gameplay footage here, but there are a bunch of veterans involved who made games like X-Wing. If you’re into that kind of thing. Seems like quite a few people are…

Loud on Planet X

It’s a rhythm game that pits real bands against a mosh-pit of alien attackers from the audience. All the bands are Canadian for some reason, but there are some well-known acts featured such as Tegan and Sara.

Monsters’ Den: Godfall

I was almost turned off by the lack of animation in the characters, but the depth of gameplay became apparent very quickly. Previous entries in the Monsters’ Den series have been available as free web games, but their popularity has given rise to this attempt to bring a new game to downloadable platforms.