Hello. Good day. Greetings. Whatever. Look, I’m glad you’re here but it’s not like I can shake your hand or give you a wet kiss on the cheek to welcome you to our site or anything—my hands are tied here, I’m sorry. But instead of wasting time explaining why I can type on a keyboard while my hands are tied, I’m going show you the best games available on Kickstarter for the week. Behold.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Might as well get this one out of the way first. Look, I love Castlevania. Aria of Sorrow is likely my favorite hand-held game ever. But this Kickstarter was just a marketing test. Investors are already lined up to pay for this game to be made, they just wanted to make sure there is still some interest in these types of games. Bloodstained is nothing more than concept art at this point, and my principles as a Kickstarter curator leave me shy from recommending a game that doesn’t actually exist. But this is a special case. So basically, if you would like to pre-order this game years in advance, go back it.

Through the Woods

This game looks creepy as hell. And it’s been Greenlit. And there’s a demo. Check it out already.

Das Tal

It’s an open PvP sandbox MMORPG. I know it sounds like I’m just throwing out random buzzwords, but this one looks very high quality and is worth a look.


Umbra isn’t completely unlike the game above, and so if I somehow convinced you to check Das Tal out, do take a peek at this one as well. It’s at least as well made.


This one’s for the oldschool-lovers (me included). 2D platforming where you shift between different characters for there particular skills.


This is Hero-U’s second round of Kickstarter funding, because as is often the case, devs underestimate a game’s true development cost. But this adventure RPG looks to be coming along nicely, so if you hadn’t jumped on board during part 1, here’s a second chance.

Subterrestrial – To Challenge a God

Speaking of being on Kickstarter twice, here’s another KS veteran, To Challenge a God. The difference is, this one failed the first time through. But I can tell you that there has been an amazing amount of content and quality added to the game since the last time, and I can give this project full recommendation this time around.