We’ve got underwater antics, beautiful landscapes, horrifying monsters, our first IndieGogo entry, and the triumphant return of a troll-battered shmup in this week’s Best Kickstarter (and IndieGogo) Games of the Week.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

If you can’t get enough pixely roguelikes in your life, then I’ve got your next fix here. Take to the ocean floor to battle insane bosses and ravenous hordes in this deep-sea dungeon-crawler.


Yes, it looks like Minecraft. Yes, a lot of games try to take off Minecraft. Yes, you should still watch this trailer because the worlds created in Voxelnauts are beautiful and awesome and huge. Yes, kind of like in Minecraft—but just look at it, gosh darn it!

Horror Legends

In this one-versus-many game, a single player takes control of a “legend”, that is, a creepy monster who has appeared in the night to take the lives of a team of survivors. It’s a fairly new style of game and looks like it could be a lot of fun to play both sides of the struggle, especially since there are several monsters and survivors to choose from with different attributes, and the items in each encounter are randomly-generated.

Weekly Pick: Hide & Hold Out

And here it is, our IndieGogo outcast. I mean, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be including IG projects on here, it’s just that the amount of games that appear on Kickstarter absolutely dwarf the couple that trickle through on IndieGogo. So here’s to the end of crowdfunding segregation on IndieRuckus.com because this game looks bonkers badass. I know you’ve seen first-person crafting survival games before, but please just believe me and watch this trailer because I promise you’re going to see some stuff you’ve never seen before with Hide & Hold Out.

Combat Core

Combat Core is a 3D environment fighting game. Looks to be a bit like Smash Bros plus, I don’t know, something more 3D-y? God that was an awful analogy.

Dimension Drive

Jack is back. Not sure if you caught all the drama surrounding Dimension Drive‘s first Kickstarter attempt and how some wily troll foiled it, but just know that DD has gotten quite a bit of attention recently. And it looks like they’re getting enough sympathy pledges to push them past their goal this time. And people say trolls can’t do good!