We’ve got a solid log of awesome crowdfunding projects for you this week, straight from the buttocks of the mighty Kickstarter. And if you don’t like poop jokes or references, try using the new Internet Explorer feature where you can simply press Alt + F4 to filter out any mentions of feces, crap, dooky or belly button lint from your browsing experience. Give it a try now!

*Remember to click the “K” at the corner of each vid to visit the project page. Except Perception since they hosted theirs on YouTube. Weirdos.


A few years back a blind gamer made headlines when he beat Ocarina of Time with the help of some online friends. But even though blind gamers do exist, you don’t often see blind people represented in games (like most disabilities). Perception is a first-person game where you see though the “eyes” of a blind person. That is, you sense the objects around you by listening to the way sounds bounce off the walls. And considering it’s a horror title, the use of limited vision might be the most terrifying thing to happen to the genre.

Project here

On a Roll

Remember the early 90’s when rollerblading was the raddest thing around? Then remember how in the late 90’s skateboarders thought they were such hot shit that they virtually extinguished rollerbladers from the planet with scathing social scorn? Well considering the social climate is bit more accepting than it was a few years back, it might just be the right conditions to mark the return of the bladey bunch. I’m just hoping the game doesn’t take itself too awful seriously, because a little humor might go a long way to getting rollerbladers back on the scene. You know, as opposed to pretending that it hasn’t been social suicide to be caught with wheels on your shoes for the last decade and a half.

Shape of the World

Do you like things that are beautiful? Ok, well I don’t really know how you answered that question, so I’ll just assume you said, “Yes very much so” and reply by saying, “Then you should definitely watch the trailer to Shape the World, because it’s really freaking gorgeous”. And now I’m just staring at you awkwardly.

Planet Centauri

If you like Terraria you might want to give this game a gander. After a successful run on IndieGogo the developers of Planet Centauri are on Kickstarter with a new demo and a request for further funds to finish off their 2D survival title.


Too long have the giants of the war fps genre remained COD and Battlefield. Squad is getting a lot attention for its realism and battle commanding elements. Basically if you like shooting things, here’s your jam.

Night City Assault

You do not get more 80’s than this brawler. If you are a fan of Final Fight, River City Ransom or really cheesy voice acting, make sure to watch this video.

Pixel Starships

Already mentioned this dude on the last Greenlight Spotlight, but here it is again because I still want to manage and command a pixely starship. I just want to.