January can be a rough time for Kickstarter and other crowd funding campaigns. Everybody is burnt out on Christmas (even saying the word gives me that feeling like I just caught a whiff of vodka the morning after going overboard) and many people aren’t as keen on the idea of buying in on some stranger’s pet project during this time. But despite this, a couple of great games emerged this week. These are the newest Kickstarter projects that received a 3 star rating by indieRuckus, AKA the best Kickstarter games of the week. And if you haven’t noticed the new Kickstarter Tools widget on the home page, make sure to mess around with that. Sifting though all the throw-away projects on KS has never been easier. It’s like panning for gold.


First up is a project that has had a bit of trouble catching on, though I have been a big fan from the beginning. It’s called Daydreamer, and one of the most interesting things about it is the graphical style. The look is a throwback for sure, but not from the same ilk as the massive influx of pixel games that have nearly owned the indie scene for the past few years. Instead it more takes its look from the “pre-rendered” graphics of Donkey Kong Country and Oddworld, which makes for a nice change of pace. And more specifically, the character design here is top-notch. I haven’t seen such creepy and unique monsters in a game for some time.

Children of Morta

The next killer game on the scene this week is called Children of Morta, and it has been having no trouble gobbling up backers for its campaign. Hyperlight Drifter made a big fatguy cannonball splash on Kickstarter last year, and its influence has left a line of stylish pixel slashers in its wake, of which I would consider CoM. But the level of detail is what makes this one of the best kickstarter games to appear in a while, so check it.


Last, but not necessarily* least is the impressive Moonman. I’m cheating with this one a bit because it actually came out last week, but since this is the first edition of the Best Kickstarter Games of the Week, I’m gonna toss it in here so it doesn’t get missed. Yep, it’s another pixel pusher, but who’s complaining? The game looks great, and feels great between the toes. Notable is the fact that the main character looks like a total creep (plus!).

*indieRuckus’s attorneys have advised that we not make any claims as to the specific relationship between last and least, except in the case of the least last which can safely assumed to mean first. Idiot.