Glad to find you smiling and in good health once again, dear reader. But if the case happens to be that you are actually in the midst of a terrible flu and/or personal tragedy, please post about it in the comments so we can make fu—er, I mean console you. But no matter how good you feel, Kickstarter is feeling pretty nice this week as far as new projects go. Nothing earth-shattering, but plenty of gamely goodness to go around.

Steve the Alright Knight

Not an awful lot of gameplay is shown in the video to Steve the Alright Knight, but the video is very well-made and humorous, and that’s all that really matters, right?

Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE

Yeah, name is kind of bad, but the video is well-produced and the graphics look very nice. Not totally sure what the overall game is about, as the video focuses very specifically on the battle mechanics, but they look good so check it out. Actually now that I read the project info closer, it seems that battling is the whole game.


Arco may be my favorite of the week. Though some of the visual design could use a small bit of sanding, its refreshing to get a break from all the pixel games and get a puzzle RPG to boot. The game plays a bit like a vertically-oriented Plants vs. Zombies, but actually the game it most reminds me of (which happens to be one of my all-time faves) is the DS game Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Glitch Hunter

You know, I’ll have to admit right here that I’m a complete CCG noob. Maybe even something worse than a noob. But the crisp presentation and overall shine of the aesthetic caught my eye on this one. Maybe I can remedy my CCG noobiness when Glitch Hunter comes out. Okay I’ll stop saying noob now.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s some other cool guys who were only slightly not cool enough to stand with the really cool guys.

The Language Game

Yeah I know the name makes you want to fall asleep before even finishing saying it, but the UI is pretty slick on The Language Game, and it seems to have the same addicting format as games like Trivia Crack where you are motivated to play in order to destroy your friends. Sounds effective for learning a new language.

Our Nation’s Miner

Lotta bad names this week, but it’s a lot like that old adage about books and their covers, I think. This one seems to be a shmup hybrid, but rather than taking the pixel route (a la Starr Mazer) this one is 3D. The backgrounds for the shmup screens are incredible though.

Three Monkeys

This one is the most *different* of the week, or perhaps even year. Three Monkeys is an audio game. So please forgive me if you are like the regional chief wizard of the Audio Game Appreciation Club, but I had never heard of audio games before now. And that is pretty much the only reason why the game is on the list, because I still have no idea how to play.

On My Own

Yeah I know you’re getting tired of all the survival whatevers, but we’re in the midst of a trend, and so they’ll just keep coming. And whether or not the market is flooded with them doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent specimens cropping up all the time. On My Own is from the Don’t Starve school of survival games, albeit with a pixelated look and more serious tone.