Kickstarter is kind of like a landfill. But not like a realistic one where the garbage is all out of sight and organized by machines. It’s more like one of those goopy cartoon landfills that have an inexplicably high concentration of banana peels. But why did the peels always look all bright and yellow like they got thrown out 5 minutes ago? Hm… wait a minute. I never finished my analogy…

Basically all I’m trying to say here is that there is a lot of crappy projects on Kickstarter but I strap on the waders for you every week and try to hoist out the jewels from the muck. Good on me. So maybe “like” my desolate-ass freaking Facebook, you ungrateful bastard.

Toe Jam & Earl: Back in the Groove

There has been a growing trend of sorts involving old-timers of the industry using Kickstarter to lure in the googly-eyed, nostalgia-bent hordes of the web to fuel their old, overrated game’s revival. But that’s not what this is. Just kidding, that’s exactly what this is. But if you are a fan of either the original Genesis game or of incredibly thick Irish accents, you can watch the video below.

Don’t Be Patchman

I already plugged this one earlier this week in my WTF feature. But Don’t Be Patchman isn’t just weird, it’s delightfully weird. So here it is again for your veiny-ass eyeballs to feast on. Dude seriously, get some eyedrops. I mean damn.


I’m giving Cadence my recommendation for best Kickstarter game of the week. I was skeptical at first—I think because my genre bias leans more toward the action/adventure/rpg side of the game spectrum—but this music-making puzzle game ended up charming my pants straight off by the end of the video. Way off. Like, the fuckers flew out the window and I haven’t seen them since. I liked those pants…

Albert & Otto

I was a bit torn on this one because I’m not keen on copycats. Being inspired by a leader in your field is great, but when a game apes Limbo to the intense degree that Albert & Otto does, it’s somewhat irritating. Now that being said, Albert & Otto looks good. It takes the Limbo recipe of brooding puzzle-platformer straight from the book and then added a few of its own gameplay additions such as guns and double jumps. Hey, and they replaced all the black scenery with white. So there’s that.

Wave of Darkness

The thing I like about the video to Wave of Darkness is that the presenter gives point by point description of all the gameplay as it’s happening so the viewer can really get a feel for what the game is all about. And combined with the large amount of gameplay footage available in the trailer, the viewer gets a very full picture of what this “hack’n RPG” is all about.


We got another Castlevania here. And for better or for worse, that always wins in my book. But Slain! has turned up the dial on the gore, so it almost comes off like a Mortal Kombat side-scroller that actually turned out well. And if you’re thinking I’m a complete hypocrite for being so hard on Albert & Otto on the plagiarism front, I’ll say this: I’m probably being a complete hypocrite.

Trials of Ascension

It’s an MMO where you can play as a race of spider people. That’s all I’ve got for you.


It’s an MMO where it’s all voxely and you can blow crap up and it stays that way. I personally don’t care, but everyone’s going apeshit over this one so you might want to check it out.

That’s it for this week, folks. And like I said before, indieRuckus is the new kid on the block and so our Facebook is like a goddamn ghost town. So go put likes on it. Because if you don’t like it and then tell 10 friends by midnight, your crush is going to fall off the Empire State Building and your mom will be asked on a date by Bill Cosby.