And we’re back and better than ever with another round of Best Kickstarter Games of the Week! Hmm… that title, though. So damn formal-sounding. Should I shorten it down to just Best Kicks or something? Yeah? Ok I’ll consider it for next time. Thanks for the input.

Halcyon6: Starbase Commander

I decided to start with my favorite of the week this time. Crazy, I know. And I’m sure you’d never guess that it’s a pixelicious space romp. Haven’t seen any of those types of games recently. But seriously, Halcyon6 looks great and seems to have a dedicated team behind it, so I’m totally on board.

Wormhole City

Not sure exactly what Wormhole City is. There seems to be racing parts, as well as “little man running around in shiny trench coat” parts. Some of it seems to be side-scrolling and some is 3 axis exploring. Not sure what to make of it, but it seemed interesting, so check it out. Maybe you can explain it to me later.

Descent: Underground

Attention people who played a lot of PC games in 1995: they’re all getting remade through Kickstarter now.

And a slew of Medieval RPGs

Look people, I know we’re nerds, but seriously what’s the deal with the never-ending onslaught of medieval freaking imagery? And can’t we maybe come up with some mythical creatures that haven’t already been done to death since LotR? Sorry, I’m just getting a bit of Tolkien fatigue here, but I’ll recover. Anyway, here are 3 more Kickies (please forgive me for that) that are probably going to be good, but are seriously maxing out my orc-tolerance right now.

Dungeons of Aledorn

Seven Dragon Saga