Now this is the kind of Kickstarter week I like to see! Recently I’ve been picking a favorite game of the week. Well, not every week, but most of the time. No, not really with any consistancy or pattern—yes, pretty much like everything I do, but anywayit’s going to be one of those inconsistent weeks this time around cuz there’s no way I’m going to be able to pick a favorite among these hip/swag/dope/trill/whatever-means-nifty-to-you Kickstarter projects.


Here’s Roguelands. It looks gorgeous; the gameplay looks insane; I really wish there was a demo I could play right now. Watch it.


Here’s the real pretty boy of the week. Although I can’t tell exactly what type of game Izle is from the Kickstarter video, it seems like it might be a Zelda-type adventure with voxels. Looking forward to hearing more about this jaw-dropper.

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death

This one is going the SNES route. Yep, if they get funded, the devs are exclusively releasing Sydney Hunter on a rectangular gray cartridge straight out of 1994, which of course has been done before, but it’s still awesome every time. And with cover art by a Garbage Pail Kids artist, you can’t go wrong with this piece of throwback greatness.


We got a point and click adventure here. I actually played the demo for Ira and will be releasing that article soon, but for now I can tell you that the game is about dreaming. And mars.


Little miss HUSH is an isometric beat ’em up starring a 7 year old girl. The overall theming takes a bit of inspiration from The Binding of Issac, but with a very different graphical aesthetic.