Good afternoon (fuck your wack timezone), and welcome to indieRuckus’s Best Kickstarter Games of the Week. If you weren’t aware, Kickstarter is like totally the raddest joint in town to find new indie talent, but it’s also a great place to find a small planet’s worth of worthless indie garbage. So here I am, your lord and savior, willing to guide you through these rank swamps of gurlgling crowd-funding muck.

Frightshow Fighter

It’s a quirky fighter, and with the news of Clayfighter getting a revival, maybe this is going to be the next big genre (probs not). The hard part about judging a fighting game without playing it is that fighting games are all about the mechanics. So it’s a real crap shoot, but Frightshow looks interesting, at least.

Aylus: Exiled Dominions

This one almost lost me. Sometimes when I’ve heard words like “MMO”, “survival” or “VR Support” 100 times in a day it can begin to jade me. And the presentation quality of the video didn’t grab me at first either. But I’m glad I stuck through it, because it looks like there is a lot going on here. VR MMOs are likely to be huge in a few years, and Aylus looks like a good first step in that direction.


The screen is so freaking tiny, and the graphics are Game Gear as all hell, but that might be your thing. The video is well made and there’s a demo available.

Kickstarter Project

Once Bitten, Twice Dead

I know, I know… it’s a zombie survival Minecraft game. A straight up buzz word blender. But it looks fun! Maybe it’s just the high energy dubstep getting me going though. There’s a demo for this one too but I haven’t torn into it yet.

Kickstarter Project

Weekly Pick: Pythetron

I’m not much of a shmup guy, so when I see shmup on Kickstarter I often say to myself, “Oh look another shmup. Looks quite shmuppy” and then promptly forget about it. That didn’t happen this time. Pythetron looks badass.

Mulaka – Origin Tribes

Remember Never Alone? Seems that Mulaka is going for the same authentic native storyteller angle here. And hey, it’s a good idea—everybody went bonkers for that game. But too bad the game itself turned out to suck ducks. So here’s to hoping Mulaka takes the concept of indigenous input and turns it into something worthwhile. And I think they have a chance. The team seems prepared and dedicated.


It’s a party game by those You Don’t Know Jack people. Sure, they probably don’t actually need extra money considering they have been creating and producing games for years, but what are you gonna do? Seems like it could be fun, and has potential for things like global matches over Twitch etc.

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