Wow… I’ve really got my work cut out for me this time. Insane number of worthy indie games on Kickstarter this week. Absolute craziness. And though I’m tempted to give some of them the chop so that I can go out and drink alcoholic beverages with attractive people within my age demographic, I couldn’t do that to you. But I will keep each of my smart-ass blurbs down to a minimum so that you aren’t sitting here reading all day. Reading… bleh!

And remember that to view the Kickstarter page for a game, just click the “K” at the top left of the video.


Very Hyperlight meets Crawl. Also very cool.

Weekly Pick: Little Devil Inside

The art on this one is nuts. My pick for best of the week.


Yeah it’s another survival MMO. This one’s worth a peek though.

Inside Pete

Warning: you will be presented with an animated butthole upon viewing this video. Also it would be interesting to see the percent of people for which that sentence piques interest rather than dampens.

Solor Crusaders

Something like a 2D Star Citizen. Looks well thought out.


This one looks weird and awesome—two adjectives that perhaps lead to each other slightly more often in my opinions than the average person.

Violent Little Things

The perfect title for this violent little 2D battler.


Another oddball title. Graphics need work, but the developer promises an improvement in quality after a switch to Unreal 4.

Outland 17

Red Coats in space.


Pixely stealth game.

Rabbit Run

If Thumper from Bambi was in a Tony Hawk game.

Vincent Vampire

Try #2 for this point and clicker.


Marble Madness for a new generation.

The 31st

A Halloween-themed FPS might sound gimmicky, but this one looks great and seems quite fun from the large amount of gameplay footage.