Friends, nerds, indieRuckus readers, lend me your ears… ok actually just chill out and relax because it’s getting awkward with all of you staring at me. I’m just here to let you know that I have done my weekly duty to your Kickstarter-loving hearts and have put together a list of the best indie games to be found on the site for the week. Enjoy.

*Remember folks: click the “K” at top left of a vid to be swept away to its project page

Epic Everything

Very well-made collectibibibibible card game. Tailored to look and play smoothly on phones and tababababablets. I’m not making fun of people with studdudduddudders. I promise.

Meloncholy Republic

Yeah maybe you think you’ve seen enough 90’s jRPG homages wrought from RPGMaker in your lifetime. But this one has some standout art and a level of detail that you should give a peek to before trotting off to your mansion on High-and-Mighty Island.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

This one I can stamp with the Official Super Serious IndieRuckus Gold Star Namsayin’ Award because I played the demo (and wrote about it here). It’s a turd canoe full of fun (that’s a good thing), but you’ll need a friend or two. That’s your cue to go make some friends.

Adventure Craft

Bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you this game is a procedurally generated pixel-spritely survivacrafter. Oh, you do believe me because all those elements are The Rage right now? Well look at it anyway because there is some serious heart and soul going on here. And there’s a demo that hopefully I’ll get around to playing soonish.

Dimension Drive

Hey kid, you like shmups? Here’s one with an added gameplay gimmick where you teleport back and forth between two sides of a split screen view. You’re welcome.


And here comes Mr. Deadwood again for a second time through the gauntlet of Kickstarter. Looks like they’re gonna hit it out of the park this time, though.

Teddy Terror

In Teddy Terror you play as a little boy lost in a labyrinth full of creepy monsters and childish weapons. Couldn’t possibly have been influenced by ol’ Binding of Isaac, right?

Emerald Online

Speaking of borrowing ideas, Emerald Online is inescapably similar to Minecraft. But I think at this point voxel games have become a genre of their own. And so although every voxel game will forever stand in reverence to ol’ grandpappy Minecraft, I guess they’ll get let off the hook of being called clones real soon. But definitely take a look at this one, because although he goes on a bit too long about how trees are chopped up, it’s still a cool concept.