This week was a little bare on prospects, but that just means I get to get my pasty ass out into the sun a little earlier than usual on this fine Saturday. My condolences if you live in some horrible place that isn’t 70 degrees and sunny at the start of March.

The Vagrant

Okay so I’ve got to get this out of the way: yes, the main character is a woman who apparently chooses to wear an open shirt with only a fucking belt as a bra, but if you can make it through about 30 seconds of showcasing how poorly a belt would restrain humongous boobs at both walking and running speeds, there is come good gameplay to be seen in The Vagrant.


To say that I have zombie game fatigue would be an understatement, even after only being 4 months into professional game journalism. But I can’t deny when a game does something creative with the concept. And besides, the zombies are wooden in Deadwood, so it’s totally different!


Holobunnies is back on Kickstarter after failing to reach their goal of $15,000 last October. This time around they’re only asking for a paltry 5 grand, so hopefully they get that and more, because it looks great and we all know it takes a lot more than that to make a game.

Train Defense

It’s a tower defense game where you have to protect a train as it makes it from point A to point B. Of course tower defense is nothing new, but the presentation is good and the graphics are great in Train Defense, so check it out.