Lots of killer games this week, people. You’re going to be very poor after throwing all your money at these projects, but that’s okay. Being poor has its perks, like not needing an excuse to bathe in the town fountain and take all the coins that superstitious idiots threw in it for no reason. They don’t even get to join any reward tiers!

Neptune Have Mercy

Underwater exploration is cool. This game is about underwater exploration, therefore this game is cool. See how that works? This may be my worst game introduction of all time, but I’m okay with that. Gotta set the bar low early so I don’t feel the gradual decline in content quality as I go.


You’re going to like this one—I know you. It’s got pixelated pirates and a rogue-like crew-management system that isn’t exactly explained in the video, but looks fun anyway.

Alpha Version.0

If you’ve ever wished Megaman could have been a Megawoman, your dream has been realized. This one is falling a bit behind in funding, and although it doesn’t have the most polished look of the week, I think there is something special about Alpha Version.0 that just needs a bit more cash to flesh out.

Orion Trail

Remember playing Oregon Trail in your 3rd grade classroom and giving all the characters shitty names so you could laugh at their tombstones when they died of dysentery? Time to do that again… but in space! This one looks to be a fun, goofy pixel send-up/homage to the timeless classic of manifest destiny.


This one finishes up the pixel trio of the week, and very well might be my favorite. You star as a gunslinging cowboy dude who collects luck as a means for survival. Have bad luck: a windmill might fall on your head. Now I don’t know a lot about westerns, but I do know about spaghetti and so I can say this: I like spaghetti. Oh yeah, there’s a demo but I haven’t played it yet, so maybe you should check it out for me.

Honorable Mentions

While nothing this week absolutely blew my socks off (I wear admittedly tight socks), there were so many worthy entries that I had to tack on a few more. The first two are falling behind in funding, but deserve a once-over. So do your duty.

Nebula Online

I don’t know, it’s about space or something. The three races look exactly like from Starcraft, but it’s not Starcraft, I promise.

Izzy’s Revenge

The art and animation could use a slight tune-up here, but that’s what the money’s for! There’s a lot to like about Izzy’s Revenge unless you’re a curmudgeonly old gremlin-faced seal-clubber. But you’re not a single one of those things!

Underworld Ascendant

This one is made by the group of old guys who created Ultima Underworld in 1992. I hear the original was revolutionary, and apparently fans of it are coming out in droves to support this one cuz it’s getting buckets of cash. I can’t get past how dated the graphics look, personally, but I had to mention it here simply based on how much interest it’s getting.