This week didn’t exactly bring a flood of great material on Kickstarter, but you’re going to be glad you caught the couple contenders I’ve rounded up for you here on the Best Kickstarter Games of the Week. And make sure to check out the Kickstarter Tools widget on the home page for the perfect way to sort and filter all the great projects coming through Kickstarter.


The first one is called Orphan. The game looks gorgeous and the video has great flow and presentation. It’s going to remind you a lot of Limbo, but of course that’s not a bad thing. As you can see in the widget, it’s just barely keeping up with its goal, proportionately, so jump in and keep it going!

Starr Mazer

The next one I’m cheating with a bit. It’s from last week, but I’m a huge dingus and accidentally left it off the article last time. The game is called Starr Mazer and it’s a retro-sexy (their words, not mine. Sadly.) mixture of a shmup and a point-and-click. The pixel work on this one is top-notch and the protagonist Brick is just sooooooo coooooool. Check it.