Picture this if you will, o compliant reader of mine: you die (okay I know this doesn’t seem to be going well, but bear with me), but instead of being transported off to some bo-ooooring cloudtown full of harps and cherubs you are sent to Brewhalla, the Viking heaven dedicated to drinking and fighting!

That’s the setup for Bierzerkers, an online multiplayer battle arena where players from anywhere can team up to wreck their fat, drunkard opponents, or play in a free-for-all survival mode. Jumping into the game is easy, as Bierzerkers has a focus on easy match setup and quick matches. With that said, don’t underestimate the complexity of each class as there are many abilities and interactions to try and master. For instance The Scoundrel is a “glass cannon” with high attack potential and speed with his thrown daggers, but who is also quick to die. Or The Drunkard who is a slow tank but also heals the team with his kegs of beer.

The game is in early access on Steam, and has a high 89% positive rating as of now. Also with it being in early access, players still have enough power to influence and help shape it to its final form. So if having a few drinks and picking fights with big drunk bozos isn’t already your typical Friday night, then here’s your alternative.