If Lift It was simply a game about lifting weights, I wouldn’t be writing about it. What we’ve got here is a bizarro (brozarro?) mash-up of disparate game elements that make no sense, garishly bad textures/models/animations, and bro details that really tie the whole thing together. It’s a wtf-fest of the highest order, and it’s an honor to live in the same shining era of gaming as Lift It. Bruh.

After starting the trailer, right off the bat we’re treated to one of the most unnatural walk animations a game character has ever been put through, and the most heaving Bro Rock the early 2000’s could muster. So far so good! It’s got to be a parody, right? I don’t think it is, guys. I don’t think it is.

Some of the oddball features you’ll be enjoying with Lift It:

  • Do squats while wearing jeans within sparse “gyms” to gain stats
  • Buy medieval weaponry from outdoor tents in order to fight gym owners for their gym (wut?)
  • Travel by sailboat to islands containing dungeons guarded by other knightly bros
  • Belch out self-penned burp songs
  • Dance Gangnam Style, the 3 year old viral hit, in the year 2015
  • A $10 price tag

Ok, enough teasing. Here’s the trailer. I promise no disappointments from beginning to chest-bumping end.

One thing I have to give props to this game is the accuracy of their bro models. These guys are shredded, yolked, swoll, ripped, buff AND built. And that blond fauxhawk is ON POINT. Totally worth 10 bucks. Totally. Get it on Steam now, weakling.