We can learn a lot of life lessons from Star Wars. Don’t count on your son following your footsteps into the family business. Always let the Wookie win. And never, under any circumstances, design a world-eating engine of annihilation with a self-destruct button. It doesn’t matter how well-protected the button is or how heavily armed its guards are. The heroes will find a way through the maw of the dreadnought, seizing their victory from the bowels of their enemy. So to speak.

Cryptark’s alien monstrosities must not have seen Star Wars. Their whole spacecraft runs on one Central Core, a giant squishy brain that the aliens need in order to do literally anything. Destroy the core, destroy the ship. Unlike the Galactic Empire, however, they don’t mess around when it comes to protecting their stuff.


You are a rogue for hire. Rugged. Leather-clad. Obsessed with money. We can all identify with this role. All you want to do is smash up that Central Core and cash in your check. And save humanity, or whatever. Unfortunately, the aliens are counting on a pesky anti-hero like you wrecking their expensive purple brain, so they’ve protected it with a series of internal supporting systems that make the Pentagon’s security look cute.


Some systems are strictly defensive, maintaining door locks or surrounding another system with an energy shield. Others prefer a more direct approach, laying hazards, commanding security sentries, or pumping out enemy drones. No biggie. The true enemies are those that undo the progress you’ve made, repairing damaged systems or even taking on the functions of those you’ve destroyed.


With procedurely-generated maps and enemies, no two playthroughs are the same. Swap out equipment, revise your strategies, and keep running the gauntlet to blast your way onto the high score leaderboard. As you take down each decaying enemy vessel from within, you get one step closer to the titular Cryptark, the fleet’s allegedly impenetrable flagship. It’s kind of a big deal, so you might as well ask your employers to add a couple zeroes to your paycheck.

Cryptark is currently out on Steam’s Early Access.