I‘d like to assume you already know about Chroma Squad. But since it’s also possible you’re just here because you go through life walking around with a big, veiny boner for anything FREE then I’ll go ahead and fill you in on the tactical RPG of the year.

Chroma Squad is a game by Brazilian developers Behold Studios that gained wide coverage and praise upon its release last April for its mix of Power Rangers-inspired themes and deep tactical gameplay. Mark Venturelli was a part of the crew that made Chroma Squad, even though he usually develops under the name Rogue Snail. According to his site, he was responsible for “all things game design, such as designing the combat and economy systems, balancing progression, difficulty and the encounters” on the game.

So what’s all this about a free game?

The aforementioned Mr. Venturelli has finished his latest creation, 2D tactical shooter Relic Hunters Zero, and is poised to release it on Steam at no cost. It’s even open-source! And it looks really good, so sit down with me here and have a peek.

Relic Hunters Zero is set to release August 18 on Steam. Visit the Steam page and hit the follow button so you don’t forget.