We played a free multiplayer game recently called Real Human Basketball where players compete against each other while controlling huge robot contraptions. You had to run around within your craft with a pudgy little panda character and flip various switches to get the b-ball playing golem to do simple mechanical tasks such as lifting its arms or engaging its rocket boosters for getting that monster dunk.

Where I’m going with this

RHB was massively fun, and therefore I was pleased to see that there’s another game coming out soon that takes this very concept to a fully-professional level. It’s called Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (no relation to this song by the hilariously-named 80’s musician Bruce Cockburn), and the excitement it’s generating within my mind and body is immense.

lovers in a dangerous space time screenshot

As previously mentioned, LiaDST features a gameplay mechanic similar to RHB, where you and a friend (or lover, or even AI companion) run around from one side of the ship to the other tending to the various mechanisms required to keep the vessel from getting into trouble. This includes steering, boosting, engaging defensive shields, manning (or womanning) laser cannons and more. If right now you are asking why the controls for these ship functions weren’t simply placed all together in a centralized cockpit, then you are obviously a killjoy Nazi sociopath and should consider asking less questions that don’t matter.

Here’s the trailer:

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime will be coming your way on Steam and Xbox One on September 9th.