Steam’s Greenlight a funny place, and I’ve written about its eccentricities too many times to open that can of annelids again. But the one thing that’s making me scratch my head at this very moment is why Zarvot isn’t greenlit yet. It’s been on Greenlight over a week and a half now, and last weekend it was selected as one of the freaking PAX 10 at the biggest open-to-the-public gaming event in North America—Pax Prime. Basically that means it was decided by a panel 50 industry experts to be one of the ten best indie games “in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor”. So what’s going on here?

I don’t know. Who cares? I just want to show it to you so that its glory isn’t lost to the world for much longer. Before you watch the video though, throw away any bias you have toward games that use simple polygons in place of detailed characters, because Zarvot is a block-fest. But seriously, the pvp present in this video looks to be some of the most intense I’ve seen in a while, yet the description says the most advanced controls you’ll be dealing with is “holding the button”. Basically it looks like a horsebutt full of fun—and that’s the very definition of fun! Check it out:

If you really want to know what I think is the reason that Zarvot isn’t yet Greenlit, and you held a knife to my eyeball and threatened to turn it into ocular guacamole if I didn’t tell you, this is what I’d say: I think some people are turned off by the fact that it’s local-only multiplayer (for now, but I don’t see plans announced otherwise), and also the devs must not be pushing it hard. Maybe they aren’t ready for the lime(green)light yet?

Check out the Greenlight page, and be sure to vote either way.