Something truly one-of-a-kind is happening here, and it’s not just Blackwake’s sea-waring fps, it’s that I’m about to write an article having to do with pirates and not make a single pun. No arrr-whatevers, no shiver me anythings. Playing this one straight.

Though the canon-firing, swash-buckling, shipwrecking part of the game looks like a blas… I mean, a real treat–the aspect of the game that might have even more depth is the promised cooperative sailing and maintenance of the ship between crew mates.

The developers hold back any real detail of the sailing experience though, and as someone who doesn’t know a thing about sailing, I’m hoping this part of the game will be greatly expanded upon in further builds. I mean c’mon, being the crows nest guy with the telescope? Being the captain at the wheel? Being the fat, dopey first mate who screws everything up? (dibs) All I know is they better let me go around tying square knots all over the place because those are pretty much the coolest looking of all knots.

If you’re interested in joining the crew, here’s the Kickstarter.

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