Combine 1970’s Italy, road trip conversations and illegal street racing and what do you get? Um, I don’t know really… but apparently a game called Wheels of Aurelia which is looking for support on Steam Greenlight and currently has a pay-what-you-want beta available on Humble Bundle. Take a look at the frankly beautiful flat-color isometric visuals it sports below, and they we’ll try to work out what exactly the gameplay is together.

Judging from the description, the game is based around two themes: driving and conversation. You will be navigating through branching dialog with your current driving companion while similarly maneuvering your way through the roadways of 1970’s Italy. Sounds a little dangerous, huh? Especially when considering that there seems to be no voice acting, and thus you will be reading your way through the game. But since the word bubbles jut directly out of your car, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem to combine the two activities. But so far the gameplay sounds uncomfortably similar to the swarm of “do this while also doing that” games currently on the market, am I right? But I said “so far”, and that indicates that there’s more to the story, o glorious conclusion-jumper!

The setting seems to be about as cool as you can get. Now, I’m no international historian or anything, so I’ll just have to believe the developers (who are from the land of pasta, themselves) when they say that 70’s Italy was a time of “terrorism, kidnappings, and political turmoil”. Also, the protagonist is a woman with short hair and a leather jacket. Cool? Check. And I’m becoming such a fan of the low-poly isometric look recently.

wheels of aurelia

But enough about the visuals and setting, what exactly do you do in Wheels of Aurelia? You take people places. You race. You do other car related-activities based on how you direct your dialogue choices. You get ten different endings based on your driving ability and dialogue choices. It’s like Crazy Taxi if you sucked all of the wacky 90’s goofiness out of it and replaced it with stoic badassery.  And you can check it all out yourself by picking up the beta at Humble Bundle along with other entries that will be showing at this year’s Fantastic Arcade event from Sept 28th – Oct 1st. And if you even pay only $1.00 for it you will receive Steam keys for the full version once it comes to Steam!