They don’t make games like Daydreamer anymore. Well I mean, I guess someone actually did exactly that, but stop being so literal—that’s not how idioms work. What I’m trying to say is that Daydreamer looks like a game from another time, but if you can believe it, that doesn’t mean PIXELS.

daydreamer game screenshot

Daydreamer is a platform shooter that looks to encapsulate all that is simple and good about the genre—block, jump, melee, shoot—and the sprites were made with a pre-rendered CG style, a la Donkey Kong Country, that I can’t help but think is ahead of it’s time. Yeah, I said ahead of it’s time because think about it: first pixels came back, then low-poly (heck even 40’s era Mickey Mouse animation is showing up soon), so what else is left to dig up from the past besides good old CG?


If I were to pick one selling point on this game, I’d say it’s the awesomely grotesque look of the monsters and the positively tripped out worlds that Olivia traverses. Let’s hope she’s just daydreaming, ’cause it looks rough over there.

Daydreamer is out today; get it on Steam.