Usually when a pet dog is a character in a movie or game they’re some kind of sympathy magnet. Whether the dog dies protecting its owner from a threat or even if it’s simply the comic relief, the dog is usually a sweet creature that never fails to capture the heart of the audience. But in Outpost 13, the dog is more likely to rip the beating, bleeding heart from the chest of the nearest space cadet than do any cute puppy tricks.

His name is Fen, this animal, and unbeknownst to his crew their little pet pooch has been infected by an alien entity known as Tantalus (how tantalizing!) while they are occupying an outpost on planet Achelous IV. Tantalus only wants one thing—for all of them to leave his planet. More specifically he wants to murder all of them horrendously, and you, as the player, are going to be controlling Fen/Tantalus on their canine killing spree.

Gameplay-wise, Outpost 13 is a point-and-click with an added twist of strategy. According to the game’s description on Steam, “Player’s will need to form a strategy to separate and alienate crew members by creating distractions, utilizing the ventilation system, and temporarily knocking out the outpost’s power.” So you’re going to need to trick the humans to their doom or else “the crew will respond with flamethrower’s [sic] and you will be destroyed by fire.” Sure, simple enough!

Outpost 13 still doesn’t have an announced release date, but the devs promise it will be before the end of the summer. Check out their Steam page for a full description.

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    This is, by far, the worst purchase I’ve ever made on Steam. The game, in it’s current form, is an awful mess of poor design, puzzle-breaking bugs, and complete lack of story and content. Great concept, but terribly executed. Avoid!