Submarine and underwater explo games seem to be popping up everywhere all of a sudden. Strange that there’s something about the ocean—the most deep, dark, unknown area of the very place we live—that seems to captivate people. Hmm, what could it be? Maybe it’s the never-ending list of new and sometimes terrifying species that crop up from its cavernous ravines? Maybe its the fact that unless a person is encompassed in an armored container or at least equipped with a specialized suit and gear they will promptly experience a horrible death? Or maybe it’s because that’s where seafood comes from and seafood is the best food that exists. I’ll go with that one.

diluvion gameSo the newest entry into our obsession with games inspired by the deliciousness of seafood is Diluvion. The game takes place under the ocean where mankind has had to take refuge after a worldwide flood. Not the first time a story like it has been told, but a perfect setup for an underwater adventure. According to the developers, the game is inspired by space trading and combat simulation games, “like Wing Commander and Freelancer“. Which makes just as much sense underwater as it does in space, gameplay-wise.

diluvion gameBut don’t think all there will be to Diluvion is underwater dogfights. Your sub is much too large to be manned by a lone pilot, and so you’ll need a crew. So maintaining and managing your crew will be a big part of the game. For example, different gunners will give unique firing bonuses, and a good sonar tech can help in a long-range torpedo battle. And don’t think that you’ll be stuck in the same boring vessel all the way through the game. You’ll earn larger subs, and with it a larger and more diverse crew with more advanced job classes as your progress.

I seriously can’t watch the trailer for Diluvion without shrieking (in a good way). It just looks so frigging excellent. It gets better as it goes though, so hold tight, O Most Attention Deficit One.

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter project here, and remember that higher tier backers are privy to unique subs that no one else will have access to.