Price, Price, Price… Everyone said he was such an ambitious young man. So driven to succeed. But all may have been lost for him when he let his humanity shrivel and die in the shade of his desire for wealth. DISTRAINT is a game about this very man, who abandons his morals in hopes of achieving a lucrative partnership with a powerful company. The player will watch as Price’s dreams of finding fortune lead him to seize the house of a poor old woman, and from there on, his descent into madness.

At first glance the visuals of DISTRAINT are simple. Comical, even. But it’s tinged with a sort of sinister air so that when you’re just about to laugh at the enlarged, bulbous head of the protagonist, your tongue hangs in unease. Whether it be the disproportionate body parts, the eerie darkness of the game, or the ominous soundtrack, I can certainly guarantee you will not feel comfortable while playing this game.

distraint game screenshot

The creator of the game, Jesse Makkonen, plans for the game to be released onto Steam this year on Halloween. As of right now, Makkonen has put the game on Greenlight and is pushing for it to get released in time. Because of the short narrative (he says about 2 hours), he plans for the game to be priced cheaply, so what better way to spend a Halloween evening than immersing yourself psychological horror?