Remember all of those years of pillow forts, lovingly crafting a cushy feathered clubhouse for you and your friends? Draping blankets over chairs? Populating your comfy fortress with friendly stuffed animals? Creating memories with your buddies to last a lifetime?

Screw that, this is war.

Forts casts you as architect, constructor, and commander of your very own—you guessed it—fort. War conveniently follows the same rules as real estate: avoid messy appetizers at open houses, never buy if you can rent, and, of course, location (location, location). This battle doesn’t take place in Kansas though. You’re not given much flat empty land to work with, so you’ll have to get creative to keep your fort sturdy and upright. Aside from the laws of physics, your fort is limited only by your own creativity! Design a base shaped like a lawn mower! Or a croissant! Or a phallus! Dream big and build bigger.

forts steam game

Just as your pillow constructs had to incorporate a variety of household objects to reach their full potential, you’ll need more than wooden planks to stack your way to victory. The most valuable component of any fort is the reactor, which powers all offensive operations. If it blows, your fort might as well be a pile of sticks.

If everything’s running smoothly in the energy department, you’ll have more than enough toys to keep you busy. Analyze your enemy’s structure, calculate weaknesses, and give ‘em hell with a variety of weapons including standard machine guns, ballistic missiles, and laser canons. Be prepared for them to return the favor though. Your opponent is a sophisticated AI designed to keep you on your toes with calculated, yet unpredictable attacks. If you manage to get in a few well-placed shots, be careful not to celebrate early. The AI is ingrained with reconstruction tactics to keep the enemy fortress standing (and attacking) for as long as humanly (robotically?) possible.

forts steam game

Don’t just play WarGames with NORAD, though. Settle scores with old friends and new enemies in co-operative online multiplayer. Assemble a team of the best (or most available) strategists and work together on the ultimate fort’s design, construction, and operations. Late to the party? No problem. You can always join a game already in progress, hopping onboard either warring side. After you get done tearing each other to pieces, try collaborating on making something new. Forts was completely redesigned to support mods and comes equipped with a built-in level editor, letting you set up the battlefield however you want it.

forts steam game

With an official project birthday of 1/3/2003, Forts (originally titled Fort Wars) has been in the making for over 12 years. Though Designer/Programmer Tim Auld left his full-time game development gig back in 2011, he continued to work on the strategy game alongside former Sega colleague Nick Smith. With countless hours of work logged and a stream of steady mechanical improvements, Forts will be well worth the wait when it debuts as EarthWork Games’s explosive first release.

Forts is currently working on being Greenlit on Steam and is looking at a release later this year.