The literary world rarely gets translated into games, strangely. The closest we get to a game based on a book is when it travels by way through a movie, such as with Lord of the Rings. Of course games get turned into books, but something tells me that those are likely all crap. Hey, but check this out: a game starring Franz Kafka called The Franz Kafka Videogame is upcoming on Steam with a new teaser trailer!

Though I can most certainly guess that the game’s title was intentionally lifeless, I can also tell you that the game itself is not nearly as austere. The delightfully awkward Kafka looks adorable hunching around in his paper-cutout world. And according to the description, the player can expect “Original Logic Puzzles. High-definition graphics. No inventory. No Boss battles. No RPG features. Only Absurdity and Surrealism”.

Given the fact that Kafka was completely unknown during his lifetime,  I hope that he would find it pleasingly surreal that he will be starring in a form of entertainment from the future that he would hardly be able to comprehend.

franz kafka videogame

The developer of the Kafka game, mif2000, previously made the heftily-titled Hamlet adventure Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement, so I think we can deduce a few things from the guy: he hates RPGs, he loves irreverence, and literature is his muse. Let’s hope he doesn’t let Kafka down.

Release date is only known to be 2016 at this time. Here’s the Steam page.