You’re going to see a lot of things when you watch the Kickstarter trailer for Friday the 13th: the Game. You’re going to see a waxed mustache; you’re going to see a disproportionate number of bald white men; you’re going to join them for a bourgeois bbq; you’re going to see a bunch of fogies hailing from a bygone era of horror film. You’re not going to see a game.

Don’t worry, there’s also a teaser trailer released to accompany the campaign. And in it you will see a lot of scenery, and no game. You won’t even see the naked chick they plaster on the thumbnail!

But that’s just the age of Kickstarter we’re living in now, I suppose. I’ll admit that the first video does a great job of instilling confidence given the amount of famous *cough non-game-making cough* creatives they scooped up to appear. And I’ll even go so far as to make the completely unsupported claim that the astronomical amount of money they’re asking actually works to make a project sound more legit to the average knucklehead compared to if they were asking for a reasonable amount. But it’s still just a promise based on nothing more than gathering together some famous people and saying the name of an old franchise you used to think was cool when you were a kid.

But if you’re a Jason junkie and can’t be satisfied with any of the games currently in production that this game will be ripping off, you can back it here. The “game trailers” can be found below.

Hey, I wonder if Friday the 13th: the Game: the Movie will be coming out after this thing releases?