Watching an indie game go through development is like watching a younger sibling grow up. At first, they’re interesting, but totally repulsive. Clunky. Misshapen. Kind of sloppy. But as they grow older, you see a glimmer of potential. Eventually, you might even think, “Hey, this thing might have become something fantastic. I might even actually like it.”

That’s basically what happened with RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. The crisp MOBA-style action unveiled on the official site is a far cry from the roughly-hewn shadows systematically dismembered in the original demo. But hey, you gotta give the man behind it some credit. Jordan Scott didn’t go into the project expecting to develop a marketable game. He was just a fan. Most fans proclaim their passion for fictional work by branding their lower backs with elvish script or naming their firstborn “Hermione,” but that wasn’t enough for Scott. He looked at RWBY, a popular American anime-influenced web series from Rooster Teeth Productions, and decided to fully realize what we had all been wondering: “Why the hell isn’t this a video game?”

Rooster Teeth snapped up the idea as the production company’s first official game. Since then, Grimm Eclipse has received a steady stream of updates, retaining Scott’s vision as a hack n’ slasher, but expanding well beyond the original formula. You’ll still be carving away at wave after wave of bullet-spongey Grimm, but you’re no longer toughing it out alone. Ruby, the scythe-swinging leader of the titular gang, is being joined by teammates Weiss, Blake, and Yang.


Each playable character boasts a wide range of moves plucked straight from their in-show fighting styles. Armed with unique melee weapons that are all somehow part-gun, unleash your favorite reality-defying abilities, all of which can be leveled up on a unique skill tree. Through 4-player online co-op multiplayer, you can unite Team RWBY and save Remnant.


As we all know, it wouldn’t be a Grimm attack without some shady antagonist vaguely associated with the nebulous over-arching plot. Grimm Eclipse introduces an all-new villain to the already hefty roster of RWBY characters. And this villain has a plan. Or so we’ve been told. Repeatedly.


Will all these features under their belt and more details on their way, Grimm Eclipse was all set to test the waters of Steam Greenlight. They did alright. I mean, being Greenlit in less than 48 hours? No big deal. It’s just the power of a very passionate fandom.