The current Kickstarter project Battle Chasers: Nightwar is unlike most any jRPG you see rolling through the ol’ KS nowadays, and by that I mean that it looks really well-made! And there’s a good reason for that, considering the guys behind this jaw-dropping game are the ones who had a big part in the creation and development of the Darksiders series. And though it would be nice to see an honest-to-goodness grassroots indie game bringing in the kind of 6 figure insanity that BC:NW has raked in during its first day of existence, I’m too in love with this concept to give them any grief about it. Just watch this trailer:

If you aren’t familiar (aka skipped the video above), Battle Chasers was a comic series from the late 90’s that, as popular and revered as it was, was almost equally loathed for its glacial release schedule that often clocked more than 6 months between issues. The series ended on a cliffhanger in issue 9 after the planned tenth issue was canceled, despite having a pre-order list of over 60,000 people, ending the series completely. Joe Madureira states that fans still to this day ask him all the time if he is planning on continuing the series, which has at least partially influenced his decision to make his next gaming project be based on the series.

battle chasers: nightwar

Nightwar will feature a mix of old and new, with lovingly clunky turn-based battles enhanced with the visuals and sensibilities of modern day gaming magic. In a bit of a twist on the genre, dungeons will be randomly-generated, with the option of re-entering dungeons on increased difficulty levels to acquire different loot. And Joe has stated that the story will be a companion piece to the original series, so newcomers will have no problem following along with the plot.battle chasers: nightwar

If you’re like me and you long for the days of quality turn-based RPGs that weren’t a dimeper baker’s dozen, then do yourselves a favor and check out the Kickstarter page for Battle Chasers: Night War.