On any given day, Steam’s Greenlight program is comprised of—how do I put this lightly—a humongous heaping pile of worthless shit games that burst from its seams and overflow out it of its eye sockets. (There we go… subtlety) And one of the main offenses seen there is plagiarism. This includes, but is not limited to: copyright infringement, Flappy Bird derivatives (yes, still), asset flipping, and just chronic unoriginality. So when I saw Phoning Home, a game that not only lifts its title from the most repeated line of one the biggest movies of the 80’s, and then also stars a character whose looks have been Xeroxed from a famous Disney character, I thought I was in for another stinker. Turns out, maybe not.

But how ’bout you watch the trailer and decide for yourselves, hmmm?

So whaddya say—yay or a nay? I’m on the fence about this one. Sometimes the scenery looks gorgeous, and I’m willing to chalk up the borrowed material to homage, but I’m not feeling the physics and what is shown of the battle system. Either way you can view its Greenlight bid here.