Do you like dying a lot? Like over and over in gruesome, yet slightly comical ways? It depends? Well jeez, you’re no fun…

What if I were to rephrase that to “dying repeatedly in gorgeous, lush environments while listening to an eyedrum stroking soundtrack”? Alright, now we’re on the same page.

New developer Time Machine definitely caught my eye with their sidescrolling action-adventure GLIESE. GLIESE features guns, droids, lightsabers (I’m serious! Watch the freaking trailer!), jetpacks, monsters, and an unforgivingly brutal (and beautiful) landscape to survive in.

The sci-fi setup for GLIESE isn’t unheard of: you wake up from freezy sleep and everybody’s dead and you’re sad. But if you’re going to dry those tears, you gotta get out there and craft some tissues. But if you’re nodding your head and thinking “Alright, we got a Minecraft + Metroidvania here”, there’s more to the story. GLIESE features a technique/skill tree where you pick your specialty skill set. You could end up a dual-wielding pistol master with telekinesis, or a possibly a shotgun toting badass with nanotechnology at her fingertips. Did I mention you design the gender/look of your character? The developer states that the main motivation for that design feature is so that you feel worse about your character dying because you’re more connected to it. Awesome.

Check out the trailer below. It starts out slow, but the action builds exponentially out of the suspense, so keep watching. The details and nuances of the animation are unreal.

All in all, this is a must-kick, guys. Do it here. You better believe my $10 went down for a copy of this b boy.

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