I¬†have great news for everyone who is a fan of hastily thrown together games that gain massive popularity—not based on containing any identifiably attractive gameplay elements—but instead by hightlighting their shortcomings as some sort of comic entertainment in its own right. And the Butthurt of the year award goes to… indieRuckus.

Ok I’m exaggerating a bit. Goat Simulator can be funny to play/watch for perhaps 10 minutes if you are exceptionally bored. And now you have the option of playing it when you are exceptionally bored on your Xbox One. And the developers have assured worried gamers that there are “MILLIONS OF BUGS!”, so don’t be scared that with all this exposure that they have decided to actually fix the game or anything.

Here’s the completely gameplay-devoid trailer if you feel like wasting a bit of your time in preparation for playing the game.