Unless something drastic and unexpected happens, it seems that Desura is going to be a thing of the past. That’s right, Bad Juju Games, the parent company for the gaming marketplace with the one-eyed monster, ahem, has filed for bankruptcy.

Desura has always trailed far behind Steam, the current king of the market share, with only a small fraction of their sales. But it remained a well-known and liked platform until only a couple weeks ago when reports began to surface detailing late and missing payments to game developers whose games were sold on the Desura marketplace. And little is known about the company’s ailments due to Bad Juju Games CEO Tony Novak’s complete refusal to comment on the situation. His solitary statement so far being, “The lawyers have said I can’t say anything or answer any questions yet, but yes it’s true”, referring to the bankruptcy.

It’s hard to say whether a company sale or drastic management change might be able to save the wounded beast, but for now I’m going to put my money on no. So make sure you cash any Desura credit, gifts or what-have-you, because as secretive as they’re being, I don’t think the end will come with much warning.

Guess all that “bad juju” had to catch up to them at some point.