We wrote about the white-knuckle, drive on the ceiling, roll cage battle racer GRIP when it first hit Kickstarter a couple weeks back and were fairly certain the game would do well. But in a turn of events that proves for the millionth time that crowdfunding can be a fickle and unpredictable rollercoaster, and despite raising a respectable $153,990 CAD of their ~$700k goal, the developer has decided to cancel their Kickstarter project. But don’t get out your cry pillow* yet, the guys over at Caged Element are actually happy about this turn of events.

*I have no idea what a “cry pillow” is. But it sounds hilarious, and that’s all it takes around here.

The reason for their good spirits is that, like any good company that understands the need to mitigate risk, they have a backup plan. They will instead be entering Steam Early Access “very SOON”, according to the game’s Facebook page. And furthermore, they have begun collecting backers/pre-orders with their own crowdfunding platform from their website, where you can get early access to the game for around $16 USD.

Glad to see Caged Element not accepting this event as a failure. Not many people understand how difficult running a successful crowdfunding campaign is, and too often even the best of games don’t have success in the cards.