Remember when Domino’s came out with that ad campaign where they “admitted” that their pizza sucked and that everyone hated it? This supposed frankness made it so when they turned around and said their product was new and improved, it carried significantly more weight. They said their pizza was shit, who does that? It was genius and a huge hit, and I’m surprised no one tried it earlier. But with such a clear example of the benefits of just being honest, developers Trek Industries have followed suit and launched a Kickstarter for the game Guardians of Orion that highlights the initial failure of their previous game, of all things.

The video starts by quoting several major publications commenting on the initial release of Orion: Dino Beatdown. PCGamer said “An entirely broken FPS”. Then IGN chimes in with, “Please don’t waste your hard-earned dough” (really, IGN? Hard-earned dough? smh). The developers even go so far as to declare that they released “one of the worst games of all time”, and then follow up by showing clips of glitchy and broken behavior exhibited by Orion in its early days.

But here’s where the twist comes in. Despite all the stories of scummy devs bailing on their products that failed to deliver, these guys were committed to their game and continued to support and update it. For years. They changed the name from Dino Beatdown to Orion: Prelude and went on to completely turn the community’s opinion of their game around. 3 years later they have tens of thousands of positive Steam reviews and over 2 million sales. And now they’re ready for the next big thing. Here’s the trailer:

“Games can’t fail, only developers can,” say the developers of Guardians of Orion. And although that’s a nice sentiment, I can’t help but think of that video of the dad who ran over his son’s game collection with a ride-on lawnmower. Those games didn’t hold up. But I suppose I won’t fault them there.

Check out the Kickstarter project page for Guardians of Orion. Also of note is the fact that their zero-to-hero first game Orion: Prelude is only a buck on Steam if you want a taste of the dino-blasting action.