Suburbia is your battlefield in the upcoming first-person tactical puzzler Hello, Neighbour! You take on the role of an average Joe who recently moved into a normal house, in a normal community, with a normal neighbor who has quite normally boarded up his basement door—wait, what was that? Apparently it’s your job to find out what this weirdo is hiding behind closed doors.

The developers are aiming to unleash a new level of AI on the player in the form of the ever-sneaky Neighbor. He can “learn by himself, study the player’s tactics, undertake counter-actions, remember the player’s decisions, [and] make plans,” according to the developers. As you play, the Neighbor will begin strategizing against you, building traps and blockades where he anticipates you to be based on your actions.

Luckily, everything he can use against you, you can use against him. Freely explore your own house and the surrounding area, utilizing any item you find as a tool to break into the Neighbor’s shuttered stronghold. In enemy territory, every item is just as accessible, but the ever-observant neighbor will always be hot on your heels, making the gameplay new and dynamic with each replay. Will you be able to uncover his bdsm dungeon—er, whatever the hell he’s got down there?

Sounds to me like the protagonist needs a freaking hobby. But no matter, Hello, Neighbour! is looking at a release in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Russian) on Steam. You can learn more on the game’s Greenlight page.