With the rise of Unity’s game production software has come the destruction of the once-formidable barrier of entry into the world of game-making. And that’s not a bad thing. Computer programming is an intense endeavor, and now that it has a friendlier face it means that some very creative people that otherwise wouldn’t have had the tools to make games now do.

But it also means that some majorly shitty games get made and flung around the internet, where they pile up in the corners of Steam and either get ignored, or sneered at and resented simply for existing, much like how many people would treat a homeless man crumpled up on the sidewalk. The horror genre is one which suffers greatly from this ease of access. Unity makes it especially easy to make a first-person perspective game filled with assets acquired from their store. All you need is to place a pointed light source for the flashlight, toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and you’ve got yourself an awful game with your name on it.

But I’m three paragraphs in now, and so it’s likely about time I started talking about our golden boy, yeah? It’s called The Peterson Case. I think you should start by simply watching the trailer below. Please don’t be alarmed by its use of a flashlight, it’s just a staple of the genre at this point. I hope that stellar graphics and top-notch narration and video editing can make it up to you.

Nice. Now I’m just curious as to if the majority of the game takes place before your dude gets “taken” or after.

According to the game’s Greenlight page, the story follows a detective Franklin Reinhardt as he investigates the disappearance of a family from their home near Roswell, New Mexico, and features puzzles and “a unique story telling system”. It also states that the placement of evidence as well as the setup of the home will be randomized with each playthrough.

Though I’m not super keen on the fact that they felt it necessary to have an alien story take place next in the cliched Roswell area, I still think you should vote for them on Greenlight. The Let’s hope The Peterson Case doesn’t let the “first person flashlight” genre down.