Zombie games, zombie games, zombie games. Can you imagine a future where there isn’t a zombie game coming out every other day? It’s hard to even picture it. And why is that exactly? Here’s my quick and dirty theory: no one has to feel bad about brutally dismembering a zombie, yet the player/viewer still experiences a similar brand of satisfaction in watching harm inflicted on humanoid beings. Then from there a trend took hold, and awaaaay she went.

So how do you stand out in such a well-traveled thematic roadway? That’s the question every developer must ask themselves when choosing to take the zombie route, and Sketchy Panda Games, the developers behind Aberford, have chosen 50’s housewives.

aberford kickstarter game

I’m going to have to give them kudos straight away on that choice. I mean think about it: who is the most obedient, docile, serving and selfless cliche in the 20th century? Now to take those very characters and place them in a proving ground to show the guts that people of all walks of life can muster up when challenged is genius. It’s pretty much taking the very idea of placing women in a starring action role—which by now has become happily commonplace—and taking it to the nth degree.

aberford kickstarter game

But here’s the sad part. These blokes are asking for a WHOPPIN’ (that’s bold, italic, AND caps, so you know I’m serious) $600,000 USD to complete their project. This number is not unask-able on Kickstarter, and it’s not even undo-able, but the amount of gamplay present in the project video for Aberford is far too slim for anywhere near this asking price.

That’s okay though. My guess is they’ll gain some knowledge from this campaign, spend a few more months developing their idea, and come back asking for a more reasonable investment from the indie gamer community later. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the thought of housewives ironing the face of a grotesque zombie, or squirting piping-hot basting juice in his eyes.

You can check the project out yourself on Kickstarter, and watch the trailer below.