Everybody knows that dads are all fat dumbasses who ride lawnmowers in jean shorts and tell lame jokes, right? Yep, that’s our pops! Well turns out indie game developers have become so fond of dad humor that the old man is popping up all over the place in the indie gaming world. Let’s take a look at some of the dad games that got this metaphorical bowling ball rolling, and a couple that are coming out in the near future. And just in case your dick of a boss has a problem with naked 8-bit dads (seriously, what’s his deal?), I’ll stamp this article with a dad-sized NSFW.


octodad face


Although there were a couple dad-centric games that predated the current burgeoning trend—such as the Newgrounds hit Dad n’ Me and the aptly titled Dadgamethe real dad madness began when this handsome mofo hit the indie scene.

The original Octodad was released as a freeware game in 2010 and was beloved by, like, tons of really cool YouTubers. Even though YouTubers aren’t human, they have the ability to convince real humans to adopt their opinions and choices, and so Octodad blew the hell up (in the good way). Riding the wave of publicity, the developers released the puntasticly-named sequel Octodad: Dadliest Catch to major succe$$. And it was all dad hill from there.

Dad by the Sword

A dad-stardly pun on the classic sword-fighting game Die by the Sword, Dad by the Sword was apparently going to be a more conventional sword-fighting game but the dad jokes got out of hand between the devs, and eventually took over. The game promises plenty of dad gags, and the fact that the goal of the whole game is to acquire the “Infinity Nut”—an endless supply of salty snacks—is hilarious. But you can’t help but get the feeling that the dadness is a bit tacked on. Especially when seeing that the enemy “anti-dads” look like minotaur creatures—probably leftovers from when the game was going for a more straight-forward approach.

Shower with your Dad Simulator

I could write a much longer and probably stupider article about how stretched-out the “simulator” trend has gotten in indie gaming (note to self: write more long, stupid articles),  but we’re focused on dads here. And in this case—naked dads.

I can only assume that whomever is behind this game was so terrified and yet strangely enthralled at being presented with their father’s wet, hairy genitals as a child that they have been haunted by the memory ever since. And thus they decided their only hope of being freed of the trauma was to create an 8-bit video game trapping the awkward encounter away forever. Doubt that’s going to work though.

What’s Next for Daddio?

I’m predicting that this is only the beginning of this indie game trend. Poking fun at dads has been a staple of sitcoms and cartoons to the point of being passe. But whenever indie developers get hold of a theme, they twist it up into something much weirder (better). Just watch out though, because dads don’t have the best track record for being video game-friendly.

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