If you keep up on any Nintendo news at all you know that they’ve been brewing up a new game by the name of Splatoon. This is somewhat big news because Splatoon is a whole new gaming franchise with brand new characters, and the Big N hasn’t come up with any new IP in a million or so years. And you know that when Nintendo has new characters on their hands they don’t just stay contained in their one little game—they might start driving karts, playing tennis, or even beating each others faces in on Smash. But anyway, enough about Nintendo’s Splatoon, and more about Splatoon 64.

Splatoon 64 is a fan-made homage to the as-yet-unreleased Splatoon that features a graphical aesthetic similar to what would have appeared in the 64-bit era of gaming. This beta demo features one map where two players can go head-to-head in a simplified version of Splatoon‘s core gameplay. You can squirt splats of paint at each other and all over the walls and floor to mark your territory. You can also transform into a squid with the power to speedily slide along stretches of your own paint color. The demo was originally posted to the IGN boards by developer John Whitmer.

Here’s a look at how Splatoon 64 plays:

Last month’s Mario 64 HD fan game was smacked off the internet by Nintendo’s legal team within a few days, and it’s very possible Splatoon 64 will meet the same fate. So better grab it here while you can. But since this link might change, here is the original post from the developer on the IGN boards so you can keep up with it.